Air Handler with Micro-Channel

The B6BMMX air handler is a reliable, durable air handling choice. This model is designed using expertly engineered components, including a galvanized steel cabinet coated in a corrosion-resistant finish and an innovative Micro-Channel coil. Micro-Channel coil technology is designed to increase eco-friendliness (by using less refrigerant) and increase durability. A thick layer of insulation lessens noise associated with operation.

Brochure Technical Literature

14 SEER, 8.0 HSPF, Packaged Heat Pump - Small Footprint

The Q7RE provides reliable 14-SEER, 8-HSPF cooling and heating efficiency. The interior components of the unit are protected from the elements with a never-rust mesh hail guard and a wire coil guard coated in an Earth-friendly epoxy. Plus, the exterior is built using heavy-duty galvanized steel coated in a polyurethane finish that has been tested and proven to resist corrosion. Before each packaged heat pump leaves the factory, it is inspected thoroughly for quality at each step of the manufacturing process. All-in-all, packaged systems undergo 72 quality checks before leaving the factory. This model comes in a small footprint for ease of installation.